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Can wearables help normal people shoot basketball like Steph Curry

It is serious basketball season again and Steph is stepping up. At this time of the year everyone wants to be like Steph.

Curry is Curry because he trained hard throughout his career. Under Armour Curry ad correctly states that “You” are the sum of all your training. And athletic training is where wearables can be big business. Ask any coach when it comes to training and they say that the single most important thing athletes (recreational or competitive) should work on is correct form. Curry’s shooting form is a thing of beauty. Personally, I think Klay Thompson has a more classical shooting form.

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Amazon, Netflix and Independent Film Making

Netflix and Amazon are shaking up Sundance hierarchy. It looks like Amazon and Netflix are providing a major boost to the independent film production. I see a dichotomy appearing with major studies focusing on franchises (Avengers…) and streaming services more or less dominating independent film making. Where art thou, Apple and Youtube?

Why Apple Should Buy Mazda And Not Tesla

Despite the click bait title of the Business Insider article on Tesla it contains an essential challenge Tesla continues to face in the automotive industry, which is to get to meaningful scale. I believe that number is between 1 and 2 million units in the automotive industry. Sergio Marchionne of Fiat-Chrysler believes it is 6-8 million units because he wants to be a mover and a shaker like Toyota, GM and VW are in the automotive world. It took Hyundai upwards of 3 decades to be included alongside Honda and Nissan. Aston Martin and Ferrari are hobbies relying on the goodwill, parts bins and bank accounts of major auto manufacturers. Continue reading Why Apple Should Buy Mazda And Not Tesla